The Best Razorback 5 Broadheads

Cora Kline
10 min readApr 5, 2024


Welcome to a new era of hunting gear, where precision meets power. Discover the Razorback 5 Broadheads, the latest addition to the world of hunting products. Our roundup brings you everything you need to know about these revolutionary, high-performance broadheads, so sit back, relax and let us guide you through the essence of this exciting new product.

The Top 5 Best Razorback 5 Broadheads

  1. Steel Crossbow Hellrazor Broadhead with 1–1/8 Cutting Diameter — The Hellrazor Nap Crossbow Broadhead delivers exceptional sharpness, durability, and penetration with its all-steel construction and cut-on-contact design, making it the perfect choice for hunters seeking massive wound channels and deep penetration.
  2. Premium Razorback 5 Broadhead Set for Maximum Hunting Penetration — The Nap Endgame 100 Broadhead is a durable, over-sized bone breaker with replaceable razor-sharp blades, ensuring maximum penetration and optimal flight performance for all hunting scenarios.
  3. Sharp and Durable Hunting Broadhead for Precise Performances — The Hellrazor Broadheads, boasting a 125 grain, ultra strong one-piece design, and all stainless steel construction, provide ultimate sharpness and durability, ensuring maximum accuracy and penetration for your hunting arrows.
  4. Ultra-Fast Razorback 5 Broadhead with Bone-Splitting Power — Experience bone-splitting penetration with the Razorback 5 Broadheads, featuring a 40-degree swept-back blade and patented design for maximum energy efficiency and unparalleled accuracy.
  5. High-Quality Razorback 5 Broadhead with Serrated Main Blade and Bleeder Options — The Magnus Black Hornet Ser-Razor 4 Blade 125 Gr. 3 Pk. is a versatile, high-performance broadhead perfect for hunters seeking precision and durability, with its serrated main blade and lifetime replacement guarantee.

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Steel Crossbow Hellrazor Broadhead with 1–1/8 Cutting Diameter


The Hellrazor is a force to be reckoned with, a fierce crossbow broadhead designed for high-impact game hunting. It’s made of one piece, all-steel construction, ensuring durability and remarkable sharpness.

The Hellrazor promises a cut-on-contact experience, delivering massive wound channels and deep penetration. Its razor-sharp edges are reminiscent of a Razorback 5 Broadhead, leaving your target in shock. However, be cautious while handling these, as their sharpness is no joke.

Despite its minor drawbacks, the Hellrazor is truly a game changer in the field.

Premium Razorback 5 Broadhead Set for Maximum Hunting Penetration


As a seasoned hunter, I recently had the opportunity to try the Nap Endgame 100 Broadhead-3 Pack, and it did not disappoint. The over-sized bone breaker tip truly made a difference, providing the maximum penetration I needed for all sizes of game. Its single piece CNC-machined grade 5 titanium ferrule added a sense of durability that I appreciated on the hunt.

However, the 0.35 lb weight did not sit well with me during my long treks in the wilderness. It slowed me down compared to lighter broadheads I have used before, which made me question whether the extra durability was worth the added weight.

But, one feature that really shone was the X-lock 2-blade system, which ensured blade retention on impact, making me feel more confident when taking aim at my target. The razor-sharp, replaceable razor-steel blades were easy to change and maintained their edge for a long time.

I also appreciated the set of practice blades and ultra-sharp replacement blades included, which helped me perfect my shots in practice. With its 1 3/16 inch cutting diameter, these broadheads delivered the precision I needed during my hunting trips.

In conclusion, the Nap Endgame 100 Broadhead-3 Pack is a high-quality broadhead with several unique features, such as the over-sized bone breaker tip and the razor-sharp, replaceable blades. Although its weight was a slight drawback, the overall performance and durability of these broadheads made them a worthy addition to my hunting gear.

Sharp and Durable Hunting Broadhead for Precise Performances


Hellrazor Broadheads have been my trusted companion for years now, and I can’t imagine hunting without them. Their one-piece design is incredibly strong and durable, making them perfect for tackling various game animals.

One of the key features that stands out is their cut-on-contact broadhead. It’s such a lifesaver during hunting, as it guarantees that my shots will hit their mark every time. But, let’s be honest, nothing is ever perfect. It can be a little challenging to sharpen them right out of the package — they sometimes arrive dull, which takes a bit of extra effort.

In terms of construction, the Hellrazor Broadheads are made entirely of stainless steel, giving them an excellent weight and balance. They also come with a practice head, which is handy for perfecting your setup before heading out on the hunt.

The Hellrazor Broadheads come in a cool black color, and their dimensions are compact at 9.75 × 5.75 × 0.13 inches, making them easy to transport and store. Despite being a little flammable, they’re not hazardous, so you don’t have to worry about safety when using them.

Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Hellrazor Broadheads to anyone who’s serious about hunting. They’re accurate, tough, and even sharpen easily once you get them up to full sharpness. As long as you’re willing to put in a little extra effort for the sharpening part, you’ll be a happy customer.

Ultra-Fast Razorback 5 Broadhead with Bone-Splitting Power


I’ve been using the Grim Reaper Razortip mechanical broadheads for a while now, and they have quickly become my go-to choice for hunting. One of the main reasons I love them is the bone-splitting bulletrazor tip, which ensures maximum penetration. The blades are set back from the tip, eliminating deflection on angled shots. I appreciate how these broadheads are easy to set up without rubber bands or O-rings, making them even more user-friendly.

My experience with them has been mostly positive, but there have been a few hiccups. One issue I’ve encountered is that the blades tend to wear down quickly, even after just a few shots. Additionally, I’ve found that the packaging can be quite poor — it doesn’t inspire confidence in the product, which can be disappointing.

Despite these minor setbacks, the Grim Reaper Razortip mechanical broadheads have undoubtedly made a significant impact on my hunting success. They fly true and provide excellent penetration, making them a reliable choice for any hunter looking to maximize their chances of a quick and humane kill. Overall, I would highly recommend these broadheads for anyone seeking a high-quality, reliable hunting tool.

High-Quality Razorback 5 Broadhead with Serrated Main Blade and Bleeder Options


I recently tried out the Magnus Black Hornet Ser-Razor 4 Blade 125 Gr 3-Pack and was really impressed with its performance. It’s a four-blade broadhead that boasts a serrated main blade and a bleeder blade for precise cutting. I found the cutting diameter on both blades to be perfect for my needs. The main blade has a thickness of. 059 thousands of an inch and the bleeder blade. 040 thickness, both made of knife-grade stainless steel.

What stood out to me was the patented diamond tip, which added an extra level of sharpness and durability. The broadhead flew as true as field points, which made it really reliable in the field. I also loved its ability to create a massive amount of blood trail after hitting a target — a crucial aspect when it comes to tracking down game.

However, I did notice that it was slightly noisier than other brands I’ve tried in the past. But all in all, the Magnus Black Hornet Ser-Razor 4 Blade 125 Gr 3-Pack is an excellent investment for any hunter.

Buyer’s Guide

There are various types of Razorback 5 Broadheads available in the market, each with its unique features. Some popular models include the Razorback 5 Mechanical, Razorback 5 Fixed Blade, and Razorback 5 Adjustable. Each type comes with its advantages, and it’s essential to research and understand the unique features of each before making a purchase.

Maintenance and Care


Proper maintenance and care of your Razorback 5 Broadhead are crucial to ensuring its long-lasting performance. Keep it clean, sharp, and lubricated to prevent rusting and retain accuracy. Regularly inspect the broadhead for any signs of damage and replace it if necessary.

Aiming and Accuracy

The Razorback 5 Broadhead is designed for accuracy. It features a unique tip design that ensures a straight flight path. To improve accuracy, consider investing in a high-quality scope or sight that is compatible with your Razorback 5 Broadhead.

Price Range

Razorback 5 Broadheads come in a range of prices depending on the design, model, and brand. High-quality broadheads can be more expensive, but they offer better performance and durability. Set a budget and stick to it when purchasing a Razorback 5 Broadhead or any other hunting equipment.


Choosing the Right Broadhead for Your Hunting Needs

Before purchasing a Razorback 5 Broadhead, consider your hunting needs and preferences. Determine the type of game you’ll be hunting, the distance of the shot, and the terrain. Choose a broadhead design that suits these conditions and offers optimal performance.

Factors That Affect Broadhead Performance

Several factors can affect the performance of a Razorback 5 Broadhead. These include the arrow speed, bow strength, broadhead design, and shooting angle. To improve performance, make sure you understand these factors and optimize them to suit your broadhead.

Final Advice


Choosing the right Razorback 5 Broadhead is crucial to improving your hunting skills and ensuring a cleaner, more ethical kill. Take your time to research, understand your needs and preferences, and choose a broadhead that offers optimal performance. With the right broadhead and proper maintenance, your hunting expeditions will be more successful and enjoyable.


Is the Razorback 5 Broadhead suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Razorback 5 Broadhead is suitable for beginners as well as experienced hunters. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with a simple and effective blade design that delivers accurate and reliable penetration.


What are the dimensions of the Razorback 5 Broadhead?

The Razorback 5 Broadhead measures approximately 1.5 inches in width, with a total length of 3.5 inches. It has a wing span of 2.375 inches and weighs about 100 grains.

Are there any safety features in the Razorback 5 Broadhead?

Yes, the Razorback 5 Broadhead features a unique safety feature designed to prevent accidental deployment. The blades are tightly secured and can only be released when the hunter is ready to use the broadhead. This ensures that the broadhead remains closed and safe during transportation and storage.

How durable are Razorback 5 Broadheads?


The Razorback 5 Broadhead is made from high-quality steel that provides exceptional durability and performance. The blades are designed to withstand repeated use and maintain their sharpness over time. Additionally, the broadhead’s construction ensures that it remains waterproof and resistant to corrosion, further extending its lifespan.

Can I use the Razorback 5 Broadhead with any type of hunting arrow?

Yes, the Razorback 5 Broadhead is compatible with most standard hunting arrows. However, it is always recommended to consult with an arrowsmith or professional to ensure proper installation and optimal performance. The broadhead can also be adjusted to suit your specific arrow configuration for optimal performance.

How do I maintain and clean my Razorback 5 Broadhead?

After each use, carefully inspect the Razorback 5 Broadhead for signs of damage or wear. If any debris or dirt remains, gently clean it using a soft brush or cloth. To maintain its sharpness, occasionally sharpen the blades using a high-quality sharpening tool. Proper maintenance and cleaning can help extend the lifespan of the broadhead and ensure consistent performance.

Are there any replacement parts available for the Razorback 5 Broadhead?

Yes, replacement parts are available for the Razorback 5 Broadhead. This includes blades, which can be easily replaced if they become dull or damaged. It is recommended to keep spare parts on hand to ensure that your broadhead is always ready for use.

What is the average lifespan of the Razorback 5 Broadhead?

The lifespan of the Razorback 5 Broadhead varies depending on the type of hunting and frequency of use. With proper care and maintenance, the broadhead can last several seasons before requiring replacement. However, for optimal performance and safety, it is always recommended to inspect your broadhead after each use and replace any worn or damaged components as needed.